3 Quick Tips to Recollect While Preparing for Your Clericals

Posted by Examsmate.com on 20th, April, 2024

3 Quick Tips to Recollect While Preparing for Your Clericals

After having prepared hard for months, things may turn awry when you start panicking on the day of the exam as your mind suddenly blanks out. The biggest fear every candidate faces is forgetting everything he or she has learnt painstakingly. Yes, many face this kind of nightmare, but fortunately, you can get over this predicament and do well in the exams once you are adept at recollecting everything you have prepared.

Things will more readily fall in place when you learn some memory tricks. This article will help you master these tricks, so you can recall information in a structured and enhanced way possible.

Quick Tip # 1: Keep Everything Organized

Organizing your entire preparation pattern right from the trivial task of tidying up your study desk is a sure-fire way to keep your memory in top working condition. Cluttered workspace affects your ability to recollect during the exams. Here are some ways in which you can organize your exam preparation:

  • Tidy your studying space and keep all subject notes organized
  • Find out the subject areas you are weak in, so you can spend more time on those and prioritize properly
  • Make a plan for preparation and set realistic targets. When you achieve your goals, your confidence will improve and it will serve to bring down stress during the actual exam
  • Create notes on important concepts or theories and summaries to help revise easily and to recollect accurately during the exam

Quick Tip # 2: Get Rid of Stress

Stress is often a big culprit, preventing you from getting good scores. Some of the things you can do to reduce stress include:

-Frequent breaks during studying help to refresh your mind and body. Make sure you plan breaks for when you have completed a specific task set or objective. You can hang out with friends, have a coffee or tea break or just go for a stroll.

-Proper sleep and a nutritious and well-planned diet help in the smooth functioning of your mind and body. Avoid eating junk food and foods rich in oil, salt, sugar and refined foods. A minimum of 7 hours sleep daily rejuvenates your mind and lets you perform your best on the D-day.

-Try to avoid discussing topics on the day of the exam as much as possible. This will avoid going into a fit of panic when you hear about topics that you have not prepared well or heard of before. This type of stress can make you forget the topics and concepts you had worked hard to memorise. So, refrain from discussing topics with friends prior to entering the examination hall.

Quick Tip # 3: Motivate, Focus and Study Smartly

It is a given fact that the more you are interested in a subject, the better you will be able to remember. So motivation keeps you on track. With motivation and strong focus, you can improve your memory for a longer term. And remember that reading or listening not always makes you successful at learning. Try out hands-on activities which offer the best opportunities to learn well and remember for a long time.

The fear of not remembering can well be nipped in the bud if you follow the above three tips. You can easily memorise all your preparation and recall them accurately in the exams. All the best!