5 Key Points to Keep In Mind at IBPS Interview

Posted by Examsmate.com on 25th, March, 2023

5 Key Points to Keep In Mind at IBPS Interview

The last and final phase of IBPS recruitment exams is the interview section. Many aspirants consider it as a big hurdle. This is because they lack the necessary knowledge on preparing well for the interview.
Since every candidate has to pass this stage in order to get selected and land the job he/she desires, it is important to know the required guidelines.

Here are 5 key points to help you face the interview questions confidently and score high in this level too.

1. Body Language is the Key

This is a very important criterion to consider and the one which helps you score well. Making a good impression during the interview is necessary irrespective of the other credentials you have. An attentive, bold, and passionate attitude will definitely make a lasting impression.

While sitting, ensure you sit with hands open or touching your knees. This shows you are a receptive and bold candidate. Also, avoid fidgeting while answering the questions. This will show how nervous you are and you may end up getting more flustered and confused.

2. Be Sincere

While being bold is necessary, you should not show over-confidence. This will make the interviewers believe that you are not in need of the job and that you are perfectly content with your present job. You need to give them the right reason for seeking the bank job.

3. Proper Documents

About 10% of the aspirants face rejection when they do not furnish proper documents such as accurate details related to their date of birth, father’s name, their name, and other such details. If you have inconsistencies related to any of such details, using an affidavit is a simple but appropriate way.

Your application has increased chances of being rejected if you have not entered the proper category you belong to like reserved or other such categories. Hence proper documents are a must. And although the specification in the interview call letter does not require it, you should always have a proper and professionally crafted resume.

4. Good Communication Skills

Since English is an important communication medium, you need to be skilled in the language. Having a decent command over the language will certainly improve your chances of selection. Make sure you brush up grammar and spoken English skills before you attend the interview.

5. Be Up to Date

Being knowledgeable about current news events and general knowledge in international and national level business, economy, sports, health, etc., is a necessary requisite for both the written and interview sections. Be updated on all newsworthy events to keep up with the competition and emerge victorious.

Other than the above tips there are certain things you should specifically avoid while attending the interview such as depending too much on the experiences of others and on books alone. And one important thing to avoid is being over stressed or breaking into a panic sweat.

Sitting in front of the interview panel can be intimidating at the outset. But you can breeze through the interview when you focus on the questions asked and put up a brave front. Since you already are familiar with the subject as you have prepared and passed through the major part of the exams, sprucing up your courage and facing the interview confidently and positively will help you clinch the job easily. Remember it is you who has the control over the situation. Do it!