Computer Knowledge Preparation Tips for IBPS

Posted by on 20th, May, 2024

Computer Knowledge Preparation Tips for IBPS

While you have access to study materials, tips, tricks, and practice papers for the important and difficult sections, such as Quantitative aptitude, current affairs, English and reasoning sections in the competitive exams, the tips, and tricks for computer knowledge section is few and far between. To help candidates ace this part of the exams with flair, here are some useful and smart tips.

The reason there is not much material available for the computer awareness section is because it is considered as one of the easiest. But lack of proper preparation can make you lose valuable marks. The section has 20 questions with each carrying 1 mark. With good practice, you can easily solve these within 5 minutes and score over 15 marks.

Preparation Tips for Topics

Since the questions are not allocated on any particular pattern as in the other sections, if you do not spend time on each of the topic, it is difficult to score in this section. Here are the individual topics and tips on preparation.


Knowledge about computer equipment and terminologies, such as ports, bus, RAM, ROM, hard disk, etc., should be known. You should be familiar with the different generations of computers and inventor names.

Network and Internet:

This is mostly about cloud, internet protocols, and hardware such as cables, modems, speed, and the various mobile network generations. Webpage and email are also given importance. Since this can be difficult, if you have only basic computer knowledge, you can skip the questions on this as only 15% significance is given in the mains.

MS Office:

This topic is vital for computer knowledge section. If you are thorough with MS Office, you can easily clear the cut-off score in this section. Make sure you have sufficient knowledge of

  • PowerPoint
  • Word
  • Excel
  • Outlook
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Basics of the operating system and software

Usually, a couple of questions are asked on this topic. Be familiar with inbuilt OS apps like utility programs, multimedia, backup software, and OS hierarchy.


The questions on this topic are mostly on basic history, evolution, syntax, interpreters, compilers, binary conversions, and hexadecimal conversions. You need not worry about higher level programming questions in this section.

General Tips

  • To gain maximum score, focus on Keyboard shortcuts and MS Office.
  • Practice with computer knowledge quiz.
  • The entire section needs around 11 marks for clearing the cut-off, so avoid spending more than 5-7 minutes on this section.
  • While attempting this section, solve the questions you are 100% certain about first and later move on to the questions you are less sure about.

When compared to the other sections, most of the questions in the computer knowledge/awareness section are simple, so you need not worry about them taking up your time. If you are still not sure about answering this section, the mock tests will help you know your level of preparedness. You can focus on the areas that need special attention this way and solve this section fast and with accuracy. All the best!