Easy Way to Prepare for English Section in IBPS

Posted by Examsmate.com on 20th, April, 2024

Easy Way to Prepare for English Section in IBPS

Every year the number of participants in the IBPS exams is increasing and this trend is expected to continue in future too. With the increase in numbers, candidates have to contend with higher competition. To handle the stiff competition, it is necessary more than ever before for candidates to have a highly focused and meticulously planned preparation.

Of the various sections in the IBPS exams, English section is where a candidate can score easily if basic knowledge in grammar is present. Even those with below average English skills will be able to score better with proper preparation. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the English section easily and focus your valuable time on the other difficult sections.

Be Familiar with the Exam Syllabus

To prepare thoroughly, you need to know about the syllabus for the English section. The IBPS Clerk exam English syllabus consists of reading comprehension, cloze test, paragraph jumbles or sentence rearrangement, phrase replacement or error spotting, and Fill in the blanks.

As you can see the topics covered are easy to master. Most often students struggle with this section because of the fact that English is not their native language and most importantly due to lack of adequate preparation.

Useful Tips for Individual English Sections

Below are tips for sections that do not need in-depth English knowledge:

Reading Comprehension:

To solve this section, a routine reading habit is necessary. Practicing the previous years’ exam papers is another way to brush up your comprehension skills. The practice also helps to give you an idea about the level of difficulty you will have to face.

The questions asked in this section are of following types

  • Information present in the given passage
  • Synonyms or antonyms of words in the passage
  • Summary of the passage
  • A title for the comprehension passage

Allot a specific time for the passage and make sure you spend under 10 minutes for a 10-question passage.

Cloze Test or Fill in the Blanks:

This is an easy section as you need to select simple words from a given sentence or paragraph. This part does not need high vocabulary skills.


To solve the parajumble section, you just need to practice to improve speed and accuracy.


This is the section that needs thorough preparation.

  • Take notes on the basic concepts, so you can revise them before the exams.
  • Focus on the topics you are not familiar with.
  • Learn the fundamental rules and the best way to apply them in the practice questions.


To improve vocabulary, you need to do it on a regular basis and use a reliable source. Textbooks, word lists, newspapers, and online practice tests help in enhancing your vocabulary.

To increase your English knowledge, practicing the previous exam papers and taking mock tests are often the great ways. They identify the areas you are weak in, so you can focus on them more effectively. With proper preparation and practice, it is easy to score in the English section. You can clear the sectional cut-offs, and by easily and quickly solving the English section, you will have more time for the other difficult sections like quantitative aptitude. All the best!