Easy Ways to Score High in the English Section

Posted by Examsmate.com on 20th, April, 2024

Easy Ways to Score High in the English Section

For any type of competitive exam, it is important to plan the preparation and adhere to the plan to succeed. This applies to the English section of competitive exams such as SSC CGL, IBPS, SBI, etc.

Since it is easy to score in this section more than the others, candidates should try to prepare for all the topics present in the English syllabus.

However, for candidates who find the section hard due to the language barrier and lack of proper preparation, this section can well become the Achilles heel, preventing them from gaining good score.

Here are some tips to ace this section:

Preparation for English section differs from the other section for that it needs consistent preparation right from the day one. With proper preparation, it is easy to breeze through this section in minimal time and spend more on the other sections that need more time.

  1. In the spotting error section, reading the question carefully will itself yield the answer. Verify whether the agreement between subject and verb is proper. If you find it difficult to spot the error, read the sentence in individual parts to find them.
  2. For the fill in the blanks section, use the elimination technique to rule out the improbable answers. Choose the answer that makes the sentence complete, smooth, and correct to read.
  3. In the synonym/antonym section, the best way to score more is to go through the papers of the previous exams. Shortcuts and tricks, while preparing, also help. Try learning 10 new or difficult words daily and write down the antonyms and synonyms. If you are able to apply them in your usual conversation, you are going to retain them for long.
  4. For phrases, idioms, and substitution with one word, going through the various quizzes and the mock tests help you understand the questions and answer them.
  5. In spelling mistake identification, learning the spelling error rules is important. A good understanding of the way the words are spelled helps.
  6. For sentence correction, it is important to find the right alternatives for making the sentence better. In some cases, a sentence may not need any correction and finding an alternative would go wrong. Look at all the choices and recognize the differences in the choices. Eliminate the choices that are not grammatically incorrect or less effective than the given sentence.
  7. Cloze test is a topic that can get you a good score easily. Read the given sentence and answer the blanks without viewing the options. Now go through the options and select the one which is closest to your assessment. If you do not find any of the options matching the sentence, you should skip the question and move on to the next one. Remember that it is sufficient to attempt just 80 % of the questions to score the cut-offs in the sectionals.
  8. In the reading comprehension, vocabulary takes up about 20% of the questions. By careful perusal of the questions, you can find the solution easily. Instead of finding the precise meaning of a word, find one that closely relates to the word in the options present. For the gist, the answer lies mostly in the initial and final paragraph of the comprehension passage. This section is very easy for that the answers are all present in the passages.

Make sure to attend the practice and mock tests to understand the style and the type of questions that appear in the exam. The practice will help you prepare in a better way. Use a timer while taking the practice tests to properly manage time.