Fast and Sure-fire Ways to Crack Reasoning Questions

Posted by on 16th, June, 2024

Fast and Sure-fire Ways to Crack Reasoning Questions

Puzzle questions in the reasoning section make candidates frustrated as they are time-consuming and difficult to solve. To solve the puzzle questions quickly, so you have more time to attend other questions, you need to have plenty of practice, great comprehension, and observation skills. Otherwise, it will be impossible to crack the puzzles in the reasoning section. Here are some effective ways to help you breeze through this section successfully.

Puzzles consist of amyriad of facts as well as relationships. You need to glean an ordered structure from this jumble of information.

To start with, you need to read carefully the whole question. The clues will be embedded from the beginning itself. Even important parameters may be present in the introduction part itself.

Read the clues and take note of the clear eliminations or associations present in the graph. Go through the clues in the later part of the puzzle and try linking them to the earlier ones. Often the clues are introduced in a subtle manner, so you need to be alert while going through the question.

Put together a rough format of the relationships, organize the data in the form of diagrams, symbols or tables.

Enter the information you have gathered from all the clues in the charts. This will give you a good idea of finding more similar clues.

Most often candidates get stuck in the middle. This can mislead you, so assuming one or two possibilities helps to narrow down the answers. By rule of elimination, you can arrive at the right possibility.

While practicing, use different types of questions, so you will be able to recall better.

A periodic and careful perusal of the puzzle helps you form a clear picture and you can solve easily.

There is a common structure for a puzzle. When you identify this pattern, it will be easy to decipher them. Seating arrangements, days, months, single/double row, etc., come with several dislikes and likes choices. The more complex the format is, the more difficult it will be to solve.

Once you go through the question, begin drawing. When you have a simple arrangement structure, you can start arranging and rearranging to understand the puzzle better. Go in an orderly fashion. Start with a fresh sentence only when you have arranged information in the previous sentence.

To solve the puzzles quickly and accurately, you need to be well-prepared in the password, symbol and notation, and problem-solving topics.

For solving symbol and notation problems, you should know to identify symbols and solve the equation or function they represent. Blood relations with symbols or in combination with simplification problems or alphabets are the different problem types asked on this pattern. BODMAS rule is a good way to simplify symbols and crack the puzzle.

For password puzzles, identify arrangement rule by using alphabetic direction or word position.

For problem-solving type of questions based on sitting arrangement and positioning, you need to write down the related list of items in a sequential order to solve quickly.

To speed through the reasoning section, escape negative marks, and score well, you need to have thorough practice. With the mock tests available online now, you can practice well and gain confidence to shine in the exams.