How much Time Do You Actually Need to Prepare for Your Bank Exams

Posted by on 06th, February, 2023

How much Time Do You Actually Need to Prepare for Your Bank Exams

Time is the key to ace your bank exams. Whether it is the preparation part or the actual exams, you need to know how to manage your time. The most frequently asked question by candidates is how much time they require to prepare for the various sections of the bank exam.

Although the time needed depends on the way you prepare and your capability to grasp facts, here are some guidelines that will help you do it in much lesser time than you ever expected.

Clever Scheduling

Once you have decided to apply for the competitive exam, you should start putting together a schedule. Any venture needs proper planning to proceed smoothly without any hiccup. Make a rough estimateof how much time you have for the preparation.

Since the exams are conducted at almost the same time every year, you will have a good idea of the time in your hand.

Before planning the preparation strategy, take a note of the syllabus you need to cover. Assess how much, knowledgeable or comfortable, you are with each section. Some may be strong in the reasoning section but weak at General awareness and vice versa. This assessment helps to plan how much time you need to allot to each section.

Lists Help a Lot

Do not underestimate the power of lists. From the list of study material and books you need to creating a list of topics to study, lists actually help in giving you a clear perspective.


Create a timetable for your daily studies. Make sure you allot some recreation or break time in between the preparation spans.

Try shuffling up the topics, so it is not monotonous and force you into a stupor.

Spend a minimum of 4 hours per day. And spend half an hour a day to update your general knowledge.

Time for Individual Sections

Quantitative aptitude section needs the most attention as it involves understanding OF concepts, formulas, corollaries, and tables. You need to have a good expertise on cube root and square root calculations for attending the questions in this section quickly and correctly. With good practice, you can ace this section. Hence, spend more time on this section. 

English section is easy to handle if you have a good vocabulary.  This not only helps in cracking the questions but also lets you perform better at the interview and group discussion level.

Reasoning section involves testing of your capability in analytic thinking. The questions asked usually are on distance, direction, seating arrangement, age, and the Venn diagram. Make sure you dedicate a specific time every day to practice such questions and adopt shortcuts to solve them. This will increase your speed and certainly make this section easy to score.

Take Notes

Maintain a notebook for the entire time of preparation. Take notes of whatever topic you prepare. This will help at the time of revision before the exam.

Fix a date for getting donewith your preparation in your diary, mobile or a calendar towards mastering the new concepts. Once you are well versed with the concepts, you can test your preparation level with the mock tests and practice tests and refine accordingly. You will then be more accurate and fast during the exam and increase your scores.