How to Score Easily in the Reasoning Section of Bank Exams

Posted by on 06th, February, 2023

How to Score Easily in the Reasoning Section of Bank Exams

The reasoning section is an important part of bank exams. The questions are created to test specific skills possessed by a candidate that are required for the job such as decision making, analytic skills, accuracy, etc. Candidates find these questions quite confusing especially if they have not prepared for the section thoroughly.

The questions need time and proper application of analytical thinking. Usually, the section is best attempted after attending the General English and General Awareness sections. Here are some tips to help understand the questions and score well.

Make Use of Appropriate Study Materials

The first and most important part of preparing for reasoning test and bank exams, in general,is gathering the relevant books, notes, and guides according to the syllabus mentioned. This will save time searching for the material at the last minute.

Focus on the Subject

List down the topics to learn in the reasoning section and prepare subject wise. Read one topic at a given time. This will help you master the topic in much less time.

Tables and Formulas

Reasoning tests are based on methods and formulas mostly. So, concentrate on the basic tables, formulas, and reasoning shortcuts. This helps you solve the reasoning questions quite easily.

Attending Questions

Make sure you understand a question properly before answering it. The answers to a majority of the questions are found inside the questions only.

Make sure you attempt the easy level questions first such as number, sequence, ranking and time, dictionary or alphabet, direction, series completion, odd pair, etc.

The questions on blood relations, data sufficiency, syllogisms, decoding-coding, etc., belong to themedium level of difficulty and hence should be attempted next.

Leave the questions on complex puzzles, input-output, seating arrangement, etc.,to the end as they are the most difficult.

A thorough preparation of logical reasoning, directions, and alphabet and number sequence isconsidered necessary for answering the reasoning section well.

Try New Strategies

Thinking skill is very important to solve the questions in the reasoning section. Try solving mind games such as puzzles, Sudoku, take on a new hobby, etc. This will keep your mind active and help you think on your feet.

Regular exercise, writing or reading thenew topics helps in refreshing your critical thinking and memory skills. Games like checkers, chess, etc., also improve your reasoning ability.

Exam Basics to Keep in Mind

In competitive exams, you need to understand the question well before you attempt to answer it.

Use the appropriate formulas as well as tricks to solve the questions. Trying some new tricks will only make you lose valuable time.

Since the questions carry negative marking for wrong answers, it is safer to leave difficult problems as they are.

If a specific question is difficult, do not waste time deciphering it. Allocate proper time to each of the problem. Since time management is vital to get high scores, you should try solving the easy questions first and leave the complex ones for later.

Practice is one simple yet very effective mantra that keeps you well prepared irrespective of the level of complexity of the tests involved. Remember that IBPS exams are best cracked when you are able to understand the concept behind the exam.