IBPS Exam Preparation: 5 Tips to Ace the General Awareness Section

Posted by Examsmate.com on 27th, September, 2023

IBPS Exam Preparation: 5 Tips to Ace the General Awareness Section

Given the nature of the questions asked in the General awareness segment of bank exams, many aspirants underestimate the amount of preparation needed. Granted that you need not have a high IQ to ace this section, one thing which makes a big difference in the scores you get in this section is the selection of questions.

Yes, when you know which questions to attempt and the ones to ignore, you will be able to score much better than attempting everything and ending up with a negative scoring.  Here are five tips to help you crack this section and get a high score.

Tip #1: Routine reading

A regular reading habit gives you an edge in the preparation. Read more than two newspapers daily to know about the latest information. Magazines and books too help to gather information. Make sure you read the previous test papers to know the type of questions asked. This will help you focus on related and relevant news events instead of stuffing yourself with unwanted info.

Tip #2: Watch news channels

With many news channels vying with one another to give you current and sensational news, there will be no dearth of info, when you use this method. But, at the same time, try to focus on events that are of importance to your exam. The syllabus and previous exam papers will help to guide you in this aspect.

Tip #3: Be social media savvy

Making use of modern communication methods definitely has its uses especially while preparing for your bank exams. Subscribe to social media pages that post regular updates on general awareness. This way whenever you open your social media account whether it is Facebook, twitter or Google+, you will find useful info.

While you are at it, use the internet to gain info. This is another sure-fire way to prepare well. Make use of sites such as Wikipedia, YouTube, etc., to improve your knowledge of current and past events.

Tip #4: Update info on previous 6 months

Most often questions are taken from the happenings around previous 6 months as candidates are expected to know about the recent developments. Questions related to thebanking sector, such as Repo rate, RBI governor, new policies and appointment of committees are often asked. Keep yourself updated on the global financial industry events, economy and the worldsummit related to such fields.

Tip #5: Avoid the guessing game

Many candidates mistakenly believe that guessing the answers will get them good scores. This is not going to happenas the questions are specifically prepared to test the level of general knowledge a candidate has. If your guesswork fails, you will end up with negative scores. So, instead of guessing, it is best to leave the difficult questions unanswered.

While preparing, make sure you revise well as it will be your biggest asset. Take as many mock tests online as possible, so you can answer accurately and quickly. Read factual things early in the morning to help retain them for a longer period. While reading, do it with an active mind and try grasping the core info. Make sure you analyse the concept behind a particular news event. Smart preparation ensures you put in the right effort and in the right way, ensuring success. All the best!