List of Banks Recruiting via IBPS

Posted by on 25th, February, 2024

List of Banks Recruiting via IBPS

If you are applying for IBPS exams, one of the important things to know is about the banks that hire the selected candidates.

IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) is an Indian autonomous body which began functioning in 1975. The institution conducts examinations for recruitment in various bank posts such as clerks, specialist officer, and probationary officer posts.

The exams are conducted in common written pattern. Eligible candidates who score the required marks are hired for working under the participating banks.

Why are the participating banks important?

The IBPS exams conducted in 2016 include 21 banks. In addition to fulfilling the minimum required criteria for eligibility, which is specified by IBPS, it is important for candidates to know the banks which are participating.

This is because candidates need to choose one of the participating banks once they acquire valid score result in the common written exam.  The bank should be selected from the bank list given in IBPS, depending on the score achieved by the candidate.

Selection Process

Once the bank selection is decided upon, the next phase is appearing for the group discussion and then for the interviews for the particular bank. Since every bank under IBPS has its own fixed score needed for candidates to be eligible for the group discussion and the interview process, they should prepare appropriately to attain the desired score.

Once the interview is complete, based on the number of seats available in the financial year, the shortlisted candidates are assigned on a provisional basis. A merit and preference basis is used by all participating banks.

Once the final results are released, additional vacancies are made available by participating banks. These vacancies will be filled in by allotment of candidates for the various posts such as specialist officers, probationary officers, and clerks. When the identity verification and selection criteria of the concerned bank are met with by a candidate, the post is allotted.

Types of Participating Banks

While many people believe that IBPS provides human resources only to the public sector banks, it is not so. The institution also serves banks operating in the private sector. A few universities get assistance from IBPS too. It is the responsibility of the candidates to be knowledgeable about the different IBPS clients.

The institutions served by IBPS come under 8 categories namely:

  1. Private sector
  2. Public sector
  3. Regional rural
  4. Central
  5. Co-operative
  6. Academic institutions
  7. Insurance agencies
  8. Public or private undertakings

Candidates should remember that IBPS caters to each of the above categories of institutions differently. Although a candidate qualifies in the common written exams, it will not give an added advantage for getting recruited in any organisation or institution of the above category that is not found in the IBPS notification list.

Usually, the notification for different banking and other institution differs. For instance, the PO recruitment for corporate and public sector banking institutions may differ. It is, therefore, important for candidates who are looking for a career in a specific institution to read the notifications thoroughly and ensure the institution of choice is featured in the IBPS list.