Must Read Grammar Tips for IBPS Clerical Exams

Posted by on 06th, February, 2023

Must Read Grammar Tips for IBPS Clerical Exams

English is a very significant language globally. This is one of the reasons for its eminent presence in various spheres of our lives. To evolve in our careers and take futuristic strides, using English as a communication medium is crucial.  This is why it is an important section in IBPS clerical recruitment exams.

When you have Basic English language skills, it is easy to score in this section. Of the various parts in this section, the questions pertaining to grammar are the most difficult for many of the applicants. This is the reason for our must-read tips. These tips help you breeze through the questions without any hassles.

In this tips section, you will not find any of the usual grammar tips which you can very well learn by going through the questions and answers courses you come across online and in the books. Instead, you will find some well-needed guidelines and tricks which keep you focused on the core questions and make the entire grammar section a walk in the park.

Must Read Tip #1

One big yet simple tip is practice. With constant practice, you can enhance your grammar. Make sure your practice courses cover all the topics included such as direct and indirect speech, active/passive voice, articles, prepositions, sentence rearrangement, spelling check, error spotting, etc. You can go through the various books on the subject or use online practice lessons to sharpen your grammar skills.

Must Read Tip#2

Reading is a necessary habit to cultivate especially when you are preparing for your bank exams. Journals, newspapers or even an eBook of your choice serve as an excellent practice material. This has multiple benefits including:

  • Improving speaking skills
  • Increasing reading speed which will help manage time while preparing for other subjects
  • Boosting your general knowledge skills

Spend an hour minimum every day for this type of reading. Reading on a laptop or desktop screen will make it easy to take on the actual exams.

Must Read Tip#3

Watching documentaries or movies with subtitles or listening to speeches is a fine way to refine your spoken English. This is especially handy when you are doing paragraph jumbles and sentence completion questions.

Must Read Tip # 4

Good spoken English skills go a long way in correcting the most common errors in your grammar. You can find your confidence and accuracy increase by this practice. Consequently, you will spend less time for your English section preparation.

Must Read Tip # 5

Going through preparation guides and books is a good way to brush up your preparation and know the level of your groundwork. Moreover, the answers in the English section are really close. Answers are most often based on paragraph content, and not on general knowledge or facts. So, guessing will not get you anywhere. Things you can do to improve your preparation include using atop quality dictionary of antonyms and synonyms and learning word lists to boost vocabulary.

Sample papers are a great help when it comes to preparing well. So try practicing with as many sample papers as possible. The key to ahigh score in the exams is using your preparation time smartly. Allot time for each section and preferably more for the parts you are weak in. You are sure to ace the test. Best of Luck!