Preparation Tips for Computer Awareness

Posted by on 25th, February, 2024

Preparation Tips for Computer Awareness

Since we use computers in almost all walks of life, it is a given fact that they are of significance in banking industry too. But this does not mean you should have an in-depth knowledge of computers. Aspirants should familiarize themselves with the basic computer knowledge or computer literacy. They need to know the fundamental concepts as the job requires it.

Candidates with prior computer knowledge learnt during their school or college days may find it easy. But all the other candidates can easily prepare if they know the concepts outlined in the syllabus. Here are some tips to help candidates answer accurately and in a short time, and ace the section with high scores.

What type of questions should you expect?

The idea behind this section is to evaluate how well the candidate is familiar with the basic terminologies and the use of acomputer. The questions asked are in relation to the topics below:

  • History and basic computer knowledge
  • Overview of software, hardware, operating system
  • Word, PowerPoint, excel, and other features of MS Office
  • WAN, MAN, LAN, and other such networks
  • Security related information such as antivirus, hacking, and firewall
  • Computer terminologies and their abbreviated and full forms, shortcut keys
  • Mobile and internet technology

Preparation Tips

Gather the necessary information from books, online practice courses, and other sources. Take proper notes to help you revise during the final preparation.

Practice using the various practice and mock tests to evaluate your performance.

It is necessary to be thorough on the hardware parts, their working methods, and the type of devices used. Questions are often asked in relation to this topic.

Know about firmware, ROM, RAM, and other related terminologies. These are necessary for proper functioning of a computer. Also be familiar with the operating systems used and their differences.

Learn about computer terms used generally in the banking context. Also, don’t forget to memorize the shortcuts and programs of MS Office.

Database basic terminologies should be prepared well.

  • Chart a proper plan for studying the various topics in the syllabus. Preparing with plans created by the subject experts is more effective.
  • Study one topic a day. Allot about 2 hours per day for studying.
  • The entire computer section can be revised in about 9 to 10 days.
  • Attend the online quizzes.
  • Revise the notes repeatedly.

While candidates devote a majority of their time towards reasoning, general knowledge, and English section, they do not give much attention to the computer section. Although the marks allotted and questions are less in this section, if you prepare well, you can score more. And you can improve your overall score and in a very short time.

In fact, you will be spending only a few minutes when compared to the reasoning and quantitative sections. All the 20 questions asked in this section can be done in less than 10 minutes while you would have done only 5 or 6 in the other sections. Since the syllabus is simple and easy to prepare with our expert tips, you are sure to ace this section effortlessly.