Simple Plan to Crack Percentage Questions

Posted by on 25th, February, 2024

Simple Plan to Crack Percentage Questions

Solving quantitative aptitude segment of IBPS is something that takes up a plenty of time especially if you are not thorough in the preparation part. The questions taken from topics such as algebra, simple and compound interest, average, percentage, etc., need proper guidance for solving accurately.

Here is a short but effective guide on answering the percentage questions accurately.

Percentage Basics

Percentage is a ratio or number expressed as a fraction of 100. For instance, when you say 100 percent, it is written mathematically as 100%. 25%, therefore, implies 25 per 100 or a proportional value for every 100. Percentage is useful to know about profit/loss percent and to find marks.

Important Memorising Tips

To answer the percentage questions quickly and precisely, you need to memorize the following:

  1. 1 to 30 tables
  2. 1 to 15 reciprocals
  3. 1 to 30 squares
  4. 1 to 20 cubes roots
  5. 1 to 15 square root

Shortcut Tips

Tip# 1 Value tip:

When a value rises by

  • 10%, it equals 1.1 times its original value
  • 26%, it equals 1.26 times its original value
  • 5%, it equals 1.05 times its original value and so on.

For a decrease in value by

  • 10%, it is 0.9 times the original value
  • 36%, it is 0.64 times the original value and so on.

Whenever there is multiplication of value by decimal that is more than one, the value increases, and it decreases when it is multiplied by decimal lesser than one.

The decimal multiplied influences the decrease or increase in percentage.

Tip #2: Simple but effective switch trick:

To make even the toughest questions on percentage easy to solve here is a trick. You have to switch the percent sign over to the other number and change the number order.

Here is an example on how to do this trick:

For solving 66% of 50

At the outset, this may look too difficult to solve. Instead of skipping over to the next question, try this solution.

Switch the sign to 50 instead of 66.

This would read as 50% of 66.

Don’t worry this is a valid move and will make it easier for you to solve. 50% of 77 is half the value.

50% of 66 = 33 = 66% of 50

Here is yet another example.

9% of 200

While it is easy to find 200%, you will take time for finding 9%. The easy way is to switch it.

9% of 200 = 200% of 9

200% of a number can be found by multiplying the number by 2. Hence for the above problem you just have to multiply 9 by 2.

9% of 200 = 200% of 9 = 2 x9= 18

Tip# 3: Finding percent of a given number:

Substitute ‘of’ in the problem with multiplication sign

Change percent to decimal form

45% of 70 can be written as

.45 x 70

Now this format is much easier to calculate. You can use decimal multiplication to find the solution easily.

As you can see, percentage section can be solved quickly and with good accuracy when you know the appropriate tricks and tips.