Tips To Score High in the Comprehension Section

Posted by on 27th, November, 2020

Tips To Score High in the Comprehension Section

Reading comprehension is a popular section among candidates because it does not need any prior knowledge to solve accurately. Further, it is a repeatedly asked question. So, if a candidate solves the section accurately, it is easy to reach the sectional cut-off in the English section.

One drawback in dealing with the section is it may take more time if you are not adequately prepared. Inadequate vocabulary and understanding the concept of a passage makes it difficult for candidates to answer accurately. Here are some tips and tricks to solve this section easily and precisely.

Look for Keywords

Instead of trying to find meaning in each word, finding important words or phrases will help you answer easily and save time.

Approach Matters

To boost reading comprehension, you should know your capabilities and chart an approach accordingly. While the conventional way is to read first and solve the questions, you can also do it in reverse, that is, go through the questions first and then look at the passage. This helps you to know what to look for in the passage. Otherwise, you will be wasting precious time. But not all candidates feel comfortable with this method. Once you try this at home, you know which method works for you better.

Use Your Time Wisely

Even if you know the answers, lack of time can be a big issue. Since, time management skills are tested besides your other skills and knowledge, you need to divide the available time wisely, so you are able to answer most of the questions and with accuracy.

Perfect Your Vocabulary

Vocabulary or word knowledge is necessary to answer the comprehension section successfully. Only when you understand the concept of a given passage, you will be able to answer the questions asked. So hone your vocabulary by reading newspapers, textbooks, stories, etc., which expose you to new and complex words and phrases.

Capture the Gist

While reading comprehension, make sure you identify the keywords fast and remember to underline them. This will help you get to the core concept easily and tick the right answer. While you are identifying important words, note the useless phrases and words, so you do not dwell much on their meaning. This will save ample time.

Smart Thinking

The vocabulary, understanding questions, and time present are three important factors that make candidates feel they cannot score in this section. Instead of attempting all the questions, calculate how much you need to score for the cut-off in this section and answer accordingly. This will help you save time, score more, and focus on the other sections properly.

During the exam, pick questions that are of a lesser length and are on a topic you understand. Knowing about the formal/informal tone also helps to relate to the concept better. Focus on the content and avoid getting distracted while reading the passage. To find the gist or main concept, reading the initial and final paragraph helps a lot. For vocabulary related questions, find about the context in which a particular sentence or word is used to know the meaning. And finally, remember to improve reading speed to save more time.