Tips and Tricks for Simplification Questions

Posted by on 16th, June, 2024

Tips and Tricks for Simplification Questions

Quantitative Aptitude is a crucial and one of the most difficult to solve sections in the competitive exams. Aspiring candidates need to prepare hard to get past the sectional cut-off marks and score high.

The section has questions on subjects such as permutation and combination, number series, simplification, quadratic equation, data analysis and interpretation, and some miscellaneous questions.

Of the various subjects, simplification is an important one as it can help you score marks easily once you know about the tips and tricks to solve such questions.

Here is a short guide on solving simplification questions.

Fundamental Simplification Rule

To solve simplification questions, it is important to be aware of BODMAS which is the basic rule to follow in simplification. The rule indicates the right sequence of performing operations in a mathematical expression for finding the accurate value.

To simplify a given expression, you need to follow the order below:

B – Bracket

O - Order (This indicates square roots, power etc.)

D - Division

M - Multiplication

A - Addition

S - Subtraction

  • According to the above rule, you need to solve the operations present in the brackets and the order for brackets is () first, followed by {}, and finally []. This should always be adhered to by you.
  • After doing the operations inside the brackets, you should focus on the exponents such as roots and powers.
  • The exponents should be followed by division and then multiplication from the left side to the right. Both multiplication and division have equal rank.
  • The subtractions and addition are the final operations to be focused on. And like multiplication and division, these two are of equal rank and done from the left side to the right.

Simple Simplification Tips

Now that you know about BODMAS rule, here is a priority list that will help you solve the questions better.

  • Complete the expressions inside the bracket first.
  • For an expression that has ‘Of’, division, multiplication, subtraction, and addition, the ‘of’ part should be done initially followed by division or multiplication.
  • For expressions containing subtraction and addition, the order of solving them is according to the sign that is present first.
  • For an expression that has of and division signs, ‘of’ sign should come first followed by division.
  • For expressions that involve all four operations, division and multiplication should be carried out initially and in the order given starting from left side to the right.

Number Equations:

While solving expression that features decimal numbers, to make the calculation easy and quick, approximation should be done. This involves converting the decimal to its nearest value and simplifying the equation with the new set of values obtained by the conversion.

Square Roots Approximation:

For square root simplification, here are some useful tips:

  • Start by factoring the number present within the square root.
  • For a factor that appears twice, cross both factors and add factor to the left part of the square root.
  • For factor that appears thrice, cross two factors, add the factor to left of sign and let the third factor remain inside the square root sign.
  • For factors appearing 4, 6, etc., times, you should take it as 2, 3, etc., pairs respectively.
  • Now multiply numbers present outside the square root and then the numbers inside.
  • For square root fraction, simplify the numerator first and then the denominator.

The above easy tips are sure to help you solve accurately and avoid negative marking. With formulas, tips, and tricks, it is easier to grasp the solution.