Top Interview Questions You Should Be Prepared For

Posted by on 09th, December, 2022

Top Interview Questions You Should Be Prepared For

Congrats! Having worked hard for the prelims and mains with great scores, you have successfully come to the interview phase. Now, how can you pass this phase without a hassle?

Many students who score well in the prelims and mains fail to do so in the interview section. This is because they are not prepared for the questions asked during the interview.

While there are no fixed set of questions asked in the interview, some basic questions are repeated. So being prepared for these will help you ace this part of the exam too.

General Pattern of Questions

The complexity of questions depends on the specific post or seniority of the candidate.  The more higher and senior level the position is, the more difficult are the questions asked. The questions aim at establishing your credibility for the job you are applying for.

In the case of junior posts, you will have to be well versed with the banking and finance industry. Cultural suitability, ethics, and the reason for wanting the post are common questions that are asked in all level of jobs.

Top Questions to Prepare for

Even if it is difficult to predict the exact nature of questions, panel lists usually go through some specific topics which are given below:

  • Personal information about you, such as your educational qualifications, family background, projects, achievements, etc., as part of the introduction.
  • Questions on the information provided in your resume or biodata often feature in the interview as these help to decide on your capability and skill level.
  • Knowledge about banking industry is a must to pass the interview. Make sure you are familiar with the commonly used terms in financial and banking sectors. Since you would have already prepared on this topic for the exams, it will be easier to memorize the terms.
  • The interview questions, unlike the exams, will be based more on banking and related information. You will be asked about the current news events such as repo rate, RBI chief, World Bank information, etc. Other than the economy, some panellists also ask questions on national events of importance such as a recent satellite launch, pollution free measures, etc.
  • Locality is another important topic queried about in the interview. Public banks have stipulated proficiency in a local language of the state you are applying for. The questions will aim at testing your knowledge about the state you belong to such as districts, places of interest, and political information. These questions also help evaluate the communication skills you possess.
  • A few questions based on the organization, such as the bank’s history, awards, chairman, etc., help to know the extent of your preparation and your interest in the job. You can find information related to the bank online in the ‘About Us’ section.
  • Personality and character assessment questions are frequently asked to gauge your weakness, strengths, achievements, your vision for the job, etc. You need to prepare well ahead for such questions to make a good impression.

A career in banking requires special skills such as, for clerical post, you need good customer management capabilities while for an officer category, you will need team building and managerial capabilities. Framing the answers after understanding what is required for the job will help you ace the interview.