Computer Knowledge Tests

Computer knowledge tests are conducted to test the computer literacy of the candidate. Since most of the jobs require basic knowledge of computers, the various exams including Bank, Clerical, IBPS, entrance, placement and other competitive exams have a computer knowledge test section. Scoring high in this section is easy when you have adequate knowledge about basic computer skills. With the right training, you will be able to score well in this section and increase your overall score.

What are the Questions Asked in Computer Knowledge Tests?

The computer knowledge tests are designed with meticulous detail to verify the basic preparedness of the candidate. The questions involve topics such as:

  • Using Internet
  • Basic hardware knowledge
  • Using Microsoft office packages such as word, excel, etc
  • Commonly used computer functions
  • Communication and information gathering
  • File management

The test questions are created to evaluate the basic knowledge of the candidate related to computer use.

How Can you Prepare for Computer Knowledge Tests?

Since most careers require computer knowledge, it is necessary to learn the basic skills. Most often the exam questions are related to the specific job involved. Navigation functions, performing basic tasks, using the common programs are some of the things that you should be knowledgeable about.

The questions and answers set we have put together are aimed at building confidence in the candidate on computer knowledge required for the various different exams including UPSC, State PSC, bank, entrance, and other competitive exams. By taking the practice and mock tests we provide, you will be able to train well in the subject and get excellent scores.

What we Offer?

To help you prepare for the computer knowledge tests, we have highly relevant and appropriate practice questions for UPSC, State PSC, bank, entrance and other competitive exams as well as job placement interviews.

The computer knowledge tests we offer include:

  • Interactive online practice tests
  • Free mock tests (model papers)

How to Take the Practice Tests?

  1. Each online computer knowledge test we provide below includes ten multiple choice objective types of questions.
  2. All questions are supplied with the answers and the explanations
  3. From the tests, choose one appropriate answer amid the 5 options provided
  4. The answer you click on will be immediately assessed and Right/Wrong indication provided
  5. The right answer is highlighted in green colour
  6. When you have completed all 10 questions in each section of the online computer knowledge tests, the total score will be provided.

The solutions and explanations provided help to give a good idea on the level of knowledge you have. From the score, you can analyse your performance, focus on the areas you are weak in, and improve the scores while attending the real computer knowledge test.

With our meticulously prepared practice and mock tests, you can prepare well for the competitive and placement exams you want to attend. The detailed analysis on your scores in the tests will give a clear knowledge about your capabilities and help you focus on streamlining your preparation. Scoring well becomes simple with our practice tests. Register with us now and take advantage of our special offers!

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