English Language Tests

English as an international language is a vital requisite for all types of competitive exams.  Every competitive and job recruitment exam has an English language section. A candidate applying for any of the jobs including public and private sector is expected to possess basic knowledge on the subject. To improve your knowledge in English, gaining proper training in the relevant topics that are commonly asked about in the exams will help you pass the exams exceptionally well.

What are the Questions asked in English Language Tests?

The English Language test papers generally cover topics such as:

  • Basic grammar including pronoun, verb, noun, etc
  • Vocabulary
  • Comparison
  • Antonyms and synonyms

Being proficient in all the above topics is important as most of the questions are based on them.

How Can I Prepare for the English Language Tests?

When English is not your native language, communicating fluently in the language can be a big problem. An effective way to deal with this issue is by taking our practice and mock tests.

The questions and answers in English language help you assess the amount of knowledge you possess in the language. This will help you pay attention to the areas you are weak in.

Without knowing the topics you need improvement in, it is impossible to prepare thoroughly for the exams regardless of the type of exam you attend. The test questions, answers, and feedback we provide help you prepare well and get good results in the real exam.

What we Offer?

To help you prepare for the English Language tests, we have highly relevant and appropriate practice questions for UPSC, State PSC, bank, entrance and other competitive exams as well as job placement interviews.

The English Language tests we offer include:

  • Interactive online practice tests
  • Free mock tests (model papers)

How to Take the English Language Practice Tests?

  1. Each online English Language test we provide below includes ten multiple choice objective types of questions.
  2. All questions are supplied with the answers and explanations
  3. You need to choose one appropriate answer from the 5 options provided
  4. The answer you click on will be immediately assessed and Right/Wrong indication provided
  5. The right answer is highlighted in green colour
  6. When you have completed all 10 questions in each section of the online English Language tests, the total score will be provided.
  7. From the score you can analyse your performance, focus on the areas you are weak in, and improve the scores while attending the real English Language test.

Our practice and mock test papers are created by experts to help you improve in all aspects of the language required for the exams. The questions and answers have been selected with care and precision, so you are able to prepare well in advance.

With all the test paper questions, the corresponding solutions and feedback, you will be able to prepare and attend confidently. Gaining a high score in the English Language section is no longer a tough task with our practice tests. By taking our mock and practice tests, you can easily score high marks. Contact us now and let us help you prepare better!

Practice Free English Language Tests Online

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