General Awareness Tests

General awareness broadly encompasses the knowledge you have on the general information related to a particular exam subject you are preparing for.  Competitive, placement and banking and other exams have a section of general awareness questions, so it is necessary to be well prepared.

The tests aim at verifying the knowledge the candidate has on general subjects other than the specific subjects they are skilled in. These tests assess how the candidate is adept at amassing the current events that are occurring around him.

What are the Questions Asked in the General Awareness Tests?

The questions in general awareness section are related to the latest events that are happening worldwide with a particular emphasis on the exam subject you are attending. For instance, if it is a bank exam, the questions would be related to economy, finance, latest in banking technology besides a few current affairs question to test the candidate’s level of awareness.

How Can I Prepare for General Awareness Tests?

Unlike the other subjects, it is not possible to prepare for general awareness in a short span. You need to prepare in advance. A regular habit of reading news magazines, newspapers, books on general knowledge and gathering information from various sources is necessary to crack the general awareness tests.

We provide ample and updated information in our practice test questions and in the mock tests we conduct, thus providing you with an easy and efficient way to answer and score well in this section. With our practice tests, you can easily stay tuned on the current events related to the exam you are attending. The tests help sharpen your general awareness with the comprehensive questions and answers.

What We Offer?

To help you prepare for the general awareness tests, we have highly relevant and appropriate practice questions for UPSC, State PSC, bank, entrance and other competitive exams as well as job placement interviews.

The general awareness tests we offer include:

  • Interactive online practice tests
  • Free mock tests (model papers)

How to Take General Awareness Practice Tests?

  1. Each online general awareness test we provide below includes ten multiple choice objective types of questions.
  2. All questions are supplied with the answers and explanations
  3. While answering the tests, choose one appropriate answer from the 5 options provided
  4. The answer you click on will be immediately assessed and Right/Wrong indication provided
  5. The right answer is highlighted in green colour
  6. When you have completed all 10 questions in each section of the online general awareness tests, the total score will be provided.
  7. From the score, you can analyse your performance, focus on the areas you are weak in and improve the scores while attending the real general awareness test.

With adequate preparation, it is very easy to score high in the general awareness tests. These tests are also considered as the easiest of the various subjects in the exams. All our practice and mock test papers are created by team of experts,thereby enabling you to answer the questions easily and quickly. Sign up with us now to make use of our beneficial practice tests and increase your chance of success.

Practice Free General Awareness Tests Online

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