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About Reasoning Tests:

Reasoning tests are a part of the aptitude tests that measure the ability of the candidate to gain knowledge from relevant learning and past experience, and applying it to a particular situation. In job placements, this relates to comprehending written instructions and reports, ability to produce reports, use numbers, etc.

How can you Prepare for the Reasoning Tests?

Reasoning tests require constant and consistent practice to score good results. With our question, answer and precise explanation process, you will learn the effective strategies to apply in the various categories.

You will be able to practice efficiently with the mock and practice tests provided. All tests we provide are created by experts in reasoning tests, thus ensuring your practice covers all aspects necessary for the exams you are appearing for.

What We Offer?

We provide reasoning test questions that are of utmost use for all types of competitive exams including State PSC, UPSC, bank, entrance, and job placement interviews. Our reasoning tests are interactive tests and include two main sections namely,

  • Reasoning practice tests
  • Free mock tests (Model Papers)

How to Take the Reasoning Tests?

  1. Each section in the reasoning tests consists of ten multiple choice objective types of questions
  2. Answers with detailed explanations are provided
  3. You have to select one correct answer from the 5 options provided
  4. Your answer will be marked as right or wrong immediately
  5. The right answer is highlighted in green colour
  6. The final score is provided once you complete answering all the questions under the section.
  7. The score helps to analyse your performance and focus on the areas you need to work on to get high scores in the real exam.
  8. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to improve the reasoning test score significantly when you have done adequate preparation. Our well-defined and comprehensive tests prepare you to take on any level of difficulty you face in the real exam.
  9. Register with our practice aptitude tests online and give your preparation for competitive and job placement tests a significant boost. Sign up with us now!

What are the Types of Reasoning Tests?

Reasoning tests are provided based on the type of job you are applying for. However, the common tests used in most of the competitive and job recruitment exams include the following:

  • Verbal reasoning: This test involves testing comprehension skills, deducing relevant information, and forming the right conclusions. The test also includes grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and logic tests. The questions differ based on the profession the candidate is applying for.
  • Numerical reasoning: This test involves several estimation tests that check your basic arithmetic skills and the speed at which you produce results. Advanced tests on numerical reasoning are also included. These involve testof your skills at interpreting, deducing and arriving at conclusions
  • Logical reasoning: This consists of perceptual and logical reasoning skill evaluation. Also termed as non-verbal reasoning, the tests here do not involve numeric or linguistic skills, but mainly test your innate abilities. This test also includes various other sub categories such as deductive, inductive, Watson-Glaser, and abstract reasoning.

Other popular tests in this category include abstract reasoning, inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning, spatial reasoning, mechanical reasoning, and Watson-Glaser.